We have received POWER project! Thus, each student of a 2017/2018 cohort will receive a scholarship 2 000 PLN monthly for 4 years of study.

Moreover, 50% of students at each Institute will be offered doctoral scholarships. In addition, there are possibilities of receiving scholarships offered within the research grants of the scientific advisors.


In September 2017, 10 PhD students have been recruited:

Evgenii Baiakhmetov (Russia), Arpan Basak (India), Mariusz Boćkowski (Poland), Piotr Gąsiorek (Poland), Miriam Gonzalez Gonzalez (Spain), Marta Grosiak (Poland), Elisa Plazio (Italy), Witold Morek (Poland), Magdalena Walczak (Poland), Elisavet Zagkle (Greece)